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Re:Anette Olsson
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Anette Olzon's exclusive interview:

Firstly, I would like to thank you immensely for giving this interview to the Confraria Floydstock.

1 - How did you start your story with music?

- I have always loved music and ever since I was a little child music was in my home all the time. My mother and my stepfather both played in bands and I heard it all the time and my whole mother’s families side is musicians in different ways. So at a very young age I sang all the time and it has always been my dream to be a singer.  I started early with singing in my mums band, entering talent shows and taking vocal lessons followed by joining my first band at 16 years of age.

2 - As a teenager you sang in ABBA's cover band, one of the greatest exponents of Swedish music. How was that season? It was cool?

This was actually not in my teens but a while before I joined Nightwish. It was fun but also very hard cause Abbas songs are not easy to sing or perform live. But I loved to be Agneta on stage since it was with abba I kinda started singing in my living room. My very first album I bought for my own money was Abbas album The arrival.

3 - We can say that her contribution to the band Alyson Avenue was twofold: first being a great singer who fit in and leveraged or group, and then, when you took over as   vocalist, driving off record sales on Alyson Avenue. How was that phase?

It was fun and it was from the start only planned for me to join them in the studio putting down some background vocals for the band. But they liked my voice so much that I joined and me and the male singer shared the vocals for a while before they chose to only have me by the microphone.

4 - Nightwish leader Tuomas Holopainen selected you for the band from about 2,000 candidates. What do you think was your big differential that made you choose it?

Very hard to say but probably my personality and voice. We clicked very well and that was important for them of course.

5 - Your first albumt with Nightwish in 2007, "Dark Passion Play", already begins with the super song The Poet and the Pendulum", one of the best in the band and where you had a wonderful performance, in the studio and especially live. Do you agree that in this song you had one of your best performances in the band? What other songs from this stage of your career would you highlight?

Thanks for such kind words first of all;-) I like the song a lot and it’s really nice but for me it’s not so special when it comes to my vocals. I believe there are other songs that were better although it is a nice song, but personally my favorites from that album are for instance Sahara, meadows of heaven and Eva. And one that didn’t make the album but is one of the best songs we ever did is Escapist. It really should had been in that album.

6 - Now let's start talking about The Dark Element, your band since 2016 ... On the first album, self-titled, we feel a certain similarity to the symphonic power metal you made in your Nightwish phase. What are the main similarities and dissimilarities that you would highlight?

Well it’s not made to be similar since Jani who makes the songs haven’t listened that much to nightwish. I believe it’s only some songs and elements that have similarities and then it’s that it’s symphonic music but one difference is that jani writes much catchier melodies and also uses 80s keys for instance. And the songs are less long and as I must say- easier to listen to. Also in nightwish the vocals were pushed back to sound like the other instruments and orchestra, whereas we in the dark element have the vocals up front and the main thing to be heard. I for one prefer it this way.

7 - The second album from The Dark Element is already lbeing made. Does it already have title al release date?

We have a date for the delivery of the master but not the set release date and no title yet.

8 - Can you advance any differences from this album over the first?

It’s in the same vain but also with some new elements and sounds. There will be surprises for sure.

9 - The band has performed around the world. Recently you played in Japan. How has the audience been reacting to the new songs?

They seemed to really like them and it felt great to see the crowds and their positive reactions.

10 - Can we have The Dark Element playing here in Brazil anytime soon?

We won’t tour and play live so much so we have to see but if we get good offers we might come over in the future.